Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Lucas!!

Lucas' first birthday party

5 years ago was the worst day of my life I thought. LOL Until they brought Lucas in to see me!

You see I was due January 5th. I had already been on bed rest for 2 weeks. I was seriously getting tired of it too. That Monday Aunt Maronica and Uncle Kevin and the kids had come up from Florida for uncle Kevin's family Christmas and decided to come on up from Trenton and see me. She went by the store and picked up the stuff to make my favorite thing she makes. Fried Chicken and Coleslaw. It was so good I think I ate like 5 pieces of chicken. They left to head home and I had to go to the doctor that afternoon. I was the last appointment of the day. So when I went in the checked me out. Apparently my protein level was extremely high.. LOL..This scared them really bad. I explained all the chicken I had ate. They didn't care. I had Preeclampsia. He asked me what I was doing tomorrow and I was like nothing..I thought he wanted me to come back tomorrow and be checked. I was wrong his answer was you are having a baby..I was like ok. I have never been more relieved and scared to death at the same time. I was so sick of bed rest so I was thinking yes it is about to be over with. But on the other hand I was terrified..LOL..

Anyway that night mom Brandy and LeAnne loaded me up in a wheel chair and took me to finish my Christmas shopping. Then at midnight Bradley and I made it to the hospital got checked in. Let me just tell you about that night. Have I mentioned how scared I was anyway.. But apparently the lady next door was having her baby with no drugs...NO Drugs people!! She was screaming and hollering. They wanted me to rest yea right.. I was ready to pack up and go home...It was aweful...LOL...But the next morning after the pill didn't work they started the drip at 7 am. My family started coming in. Let me just tell you who all was there.. My mom and dad, Brandy LeAnne (and Addy of course she was only like 2 months old.) Edna, Danielle,Andrea, Granny and Grandaddy.. Sitting in the room with me and Bradley all day..LOL..So after laying there until 6 pm with very little changing. The doctor comes in to tell me that he was coming back at 8 and if things hadn't progressed he wanted to do a C-Section.. I flipped!! I was already scared and this just made it worse. Not to mention my blood pressure the whole time was like 190/100..( it varied a little all day but really high) So when they come back in at 8 guess what no change. I remember everyone leaving the room except Bradley. He come over to the bed and assured me that everything would be fine. I was thinking man he is really calm and I think that's what calmed me down so much. Apparently he put on a good front because Brandy tells of a crying very emotional Bradley that she met in the hall. LOL...Anyway after getting me all ready for surgery the took me back and Lucas was born at 9:50 pm..Perfectly healthy but really scary looking.. LOL....Bradley says he was scared something was wrong with him because his head was so messed up.. I was so tired and as soon as they pulled the baby out they gave me medicine that made me go to sleep. I was trying to stay awake to hear him cry.. After I heard it I remember seeing a very fuzzy Bradley holding a baby so I could see him. Honestly all I saw was the outline of them. I just remember thinking he is ok. I was asleep and didn't wake up until about 2am. When I woke up the nurse came in and I asked her to bring him in. Apparently they had him at the nurses station waiting on me to wake up. Bradley was asleep but as soon as Lucas came in he woke up. Bradley's words were he looks better. When I saw him he had a hat on and was all clean and wrapped up. I thought he was perfect just not all that pretty..LOL...

After a very difficult 3 days in the hospital. I had major blood pressure problems and I was so swollen it was awful I looked like Fiona from Shrek..We came home on December 23rd. Dad met me at home and stayed with while Bradley went shopping to get me a Christmas present. It is awful now for him to have birthday so close to Christmas but at the time I thought of him like my Christmas present. Bradley and I sat around all day Christmas Eve and just held him or stared at him.

Anyway today Lucas is wild. He is so excited about his birthday and Christmas. We are going to Chucke Cheese tonight everyone pray for me.. I hate this place. But that is what he wants to do. Sorry for the rambling.

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  1. Oh....I remember that. We were there. Man our kids are growing up!