Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

 My first attempt at a picture before church...
 2nd attempt...
 3rd attempt
 5th and the best. Levi is fussing and Logan is talking. 
 Levi eating dinner at church

 I think Logan just received the hg
 All the kids with Brother Pat
 The got
My favorite picture!

 The 0-5 year olds ready to hunt eggs!
 Go  Logan

Yes Bradley let him crawl around in the grass. If he only knew what I paid for that outfit! LOL

 Love this picture!

 Counting their eggs!

 6-11 year olds...Ready..

 Getting Bro Pats eggs!
 Levi's friends
 Levi's 2nd family
 First attempt at famly picture...
 why do we even try!!
 The best we had and Bradley still has his sun glasses on...uuuhhh

 Kids with Papaw's grave

 Levi has a new attitude. He loves to scream! LOL

 Right before Levi wen face forward in the dirt off the bench!
 Bradley and I had to hide the eggs when we got home!

We had a great Easter weekend. Friday night was our singing and it was really good. It was our turn to work it. So it was kind of a blur. We didn't get home until 12:30am. Saturday I got up early had to go do some Easter shopping then had to be at the ball field at 2:30. Then out to Demo's for Dad's birthday dinner. Bradley took the kids home so I could finish the shopping. Then Sunday was Easter. The boys got up early. The Easter Bunny came and brought them fishing poles and a ton of candy.  It was also our anniversary. 11 years. It doesn't seem real that it has been that long. We had a really good day. Bradley fixed us breakfast. We decided against presents. It was actually one of the best anniversaries we have had. It kind of got over shadowed by Easter. We hunted eggs and the kids had a blast. 

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