Saturday, May 29, 2010

Is it seriously Saturday already??

Where had this week gone? I just blogged Monday and I blink my eyes and it Saturday. Between work and normal life we actually managed to make time to go to Toney Thursday night for revival. I was wanting to go so bad to see some of my dearest friends Brother David and Sister Patty. They mean so much to us. So we actually got to go we were 10 minutes late but we were there.

Yesterday I got up bright and early so I could go do my grocery shopping. It only took my like 3 hours in 2 stores. LOL..I took the boys big mistake. I thought I might kill them. LOL..But here are my deals.
Kroger I spent 57.00 and saved 49.00.
Publix I spent 68.00 and saved 79.00.
CVS spent 4.60 and I got men's Gillette body wash Palmolive 2 boxes of Kellogg's cereal and 2 jars of olives. I was really excited about that
Publix again I bought scrubbing bubbles extended care shower cleaner regular 7.99 had a 1.00 off coupon plus they gave me a 5.00 publix gifts card for buying it. Then I got 2 packs of Kraft sliced cheese and a pack of lever bar soap and it was 1.36. ( Which I paid for with my 5.00 gift card)

I think I was pretty successful this week and you should see my pantry refrigerator and freezer. They are full. My kids and Bradley are in heaven.

So this weekend Bradley's brother and sister in law are in town. So we are about to get ready to head down to his mom's. The kids are dying to go swimming. So they will probably stay in the pool all day and I am hoping to get to go shopping a little bit. I am sure most of our weekend will be spent at Bradley's parents house. I am wanting to grill out but my house is a wreck. So I need to stay here and clean a little bit but that want happen. Oh well gotta get ready to head to the in laws have a great holiday weekend.

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