Thursday, August 19, 2010

I made it!!!!

Ready to leave!!

On the way so excited!!

Cheesing in the parking lot!

posing with his name tag and backpack!! LOL

Well we made it. Lucas did so good!! He went straight in his classroom and started playing with all the kids. He said he had fun playing with he boys! He was so excited I couldn't be upset leaving him! Addy did really good too. The teacher claims they were very good but it was just the first day! LOL.. As the day went on the more I worried at about 11 I about had a melt down right there at work. You will never know how close I came to calling the school to check!! I know I am crazy!! LOL I didn't so I get points for that!

Yall have a great weekend!! It is our regular but I feel like it was just like a week ago. So I am not prepared!

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