Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why am I awake?? That is what I keep asking myself. This weekend was so busy on top of moving mom all weekend 3 people I know died. One of which we had to do all the flowers. LeAnne and I had to go to Hytop Sunday night to do flowers then back last night to Scottsboro to deliver them. Sunday night was the worst we didn't get in until after midnight and last night it was almost 11. But we made it and helped out some family also. So now I have been up since 5am because Lucas was awake and after making Bradley and Lucas' lunch I convinced Lucas he needed to sleep a little longer because he had school today and he wouldn't feel like playing if he was sleepy. So now he is back a sleep and I am awake. LOL Oh yea....

Thursday when they went to school Addy was telling LeAnne how they had to pray so much she couldn't even eat and I was like Lucas didn't say anything about praying. So I asked him "Lucas did you pray at school today" His response was"Never did never will" LOL He is so crazy. I am thinking here we go in this Methodist preschool in our long skirts and long hair looking all holy and our kids wont even PRAY!! LOL They are going to think we are atheist or something!!LOL OH well kids they are so funny. Well I am going to start getting things together for the day!

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  1. that is hilarious...Peyton would have shouted for them...kids are characters to say the least