Monday, August 2, 2010

Nothing Really!

Not a lot has really been going on around here. We have all had the crud plus I have had a UTI. They are miserable and I seem to get them all the time while I am pregnant. Also I have been pregnant sick everyday. I did get to see the heartbeat and the baby last week. It is only about 1/2 inch long. Not much to see but it made me feel better when I saw the heart beat and they said it was perfectly healthy so far. I know I am psycho I guess but I constantly worry until the baby actually arrives and is in my arms that something may be wrong. My doctor did move my due date up so I am officially due March10th now. I can not wait to find out what I am having so wanting a girl but I think it will probably be a boy again!

Oh well we had a great day Friday. Brandy, LeAnne and I went to Meridianville to Sis Patty Kittrells house. She had a get together for all us girls that grew up together. Rented a huge water slide for the kids. They had a blast. We sat and talked and laughed all day. It was lots of fun! I miss them all so much. Anyway Brandy has tons of pictures I am sure she will upload them soon and I will steal some and post them. LOL I didn't take near as many as she did. Oh well I am going to start canning some salsa and maybe start on my grapes for some jelly!

Have a great week!!

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