Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!!

This weekend was like most. Running crazy all weekend!! Friday morning Bradley took a early lunch and met me at Cracker Barrel for Breakfast. Then I went to Hobby Lobby and then to Target to meet Douglas, April Nana and girls for a little Christmas shopping. I have missed them. So I was glad to see them. And of course Lucas and Logan love Kenzie and Shelby so they were excited. We got used to seeing them when carter was so bad. I think we saw them at least every weekend for about 6 weeks and most of the time April and the girls would stay the week and until Douglas came for the weekend. Before that it was about every other week. Then that night when Bradley got home we went down there to eat dinner with them. Bradley had to work Saturday. So I was going to sleep in for a little while but Brandy called bright and early to go eat breakfast. So me and the boys loaded up and went to get mom Brandy and Wilkins. Went to Kmart to look at Christmas stuff and did some running around. Then the rest of the weekend was church and Nana's house cleaning out stuff. I put her Christmas tree up yesterday. I did get mine up and half way decorated. I didn't like the top so I took it all down and haven't fixed it yet. I will post pics when I get it done. Bradley says it is the prettiest tree I have ever done. We will see!!

On another note today is my Birthday yes I am 29 years old. I have one more year before the big 3-0! I am going to enjoy it!!! Bradley will be 30 on Black Friday! This was my last Free weekend until after the first of the year! Thanksgiving with mom and dad next weekend then off to Atlanta on Wed for Thanksgiving with Bradley's family. I will be doing my black Friday shopping in Atl again this year. I am so ready except for the fact that my shopping buddies will not be there this year! (Danielle and Andrea) Last year me Bradley Danielle and Andrea went. It was fun. So I guess this year it will just be me and Bradley! Should be interesting! Oh well everyone have a great week!!


  1. Happy Birthday!!
    You know if I were in ATL I would go shopping with you :)