Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treating and Renge

By the fire after trick or treating. We are real outdoors people with the laptop. LOL We were looking at Disney reservations.
Me and Levi
Me and Bradley. Horrible picture of me but he is actually smiling.
Where Logan stayed all night! In the road.
Ready for some candy! Love Logans pose
Levi the little Mickey Mouse!
My boys before we left our house. I hated their costumes but I let them pick!

We had a great Halloween. Went trick or treating for a while. The kids already had too much candy before we went. So we have candy coming out of our ears even after leaving Grandaddy half of a bowl. We came back and sat by the fire pit for a while. Brandy and I were talking Disney of course. I am so excited and ready to go right now. It will be two years since I have been on vacation when we go. So I am ready for sure.

On another note I have a new favorite show. Revenge! I had recorded it when it started but we hadn't watched it yet. Everyone kept saying it was good. I had 6 episodes recorded. So last night when we sat down to eat I mentioned something about watching it. Bradley was like uh ok. He wasn't thrilled. I was like just one to see if we like it. So about 4 hours and 2 bags of popcorn later. We had watched all 6 episodes and can not wait for tonight's show. If you haven't watched you gotta. Bradley's exact words were " Ok so this is my new favorite show" LOL

So I am finished boring you all. Have a good week!

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  1. This is funny because Adam actually really likes this show and we sit down and watch it together! LOL