Monday, November 7, 2011

We eat out way too much!! lol

I realized that after writing this post!! LOL

Another exciting weekend! LOL Well it was busy anyway. Friday Bradley had a Dr appointment. SO me and the kids met up with him to eat at our most favorite restaurant. Demo's. After we ate dinner I went to get mom, Brandy and Wilkins. I was so wanting to go shop for a new Christmas tree. So we ran to Old Time Pottery and the Marshall's. Which I didn't find a tree just a pair of boots I wanted. Then Saturday morning Bradley had to work. So I got all the kids up and out the door for Logan's last soccer game. He done really good. Made another goal! His soccer season is over and Lucas started basketball practice Thursday.

So on my way to the game I noticed a sign for a Christmas Craft Show. So after me mom dad and the kids went to Cracker barrel for breakfast we ran to the new Disney Store. (which isn't a real Disney store just junk) Dad took the Lucas, Logan and Wilkins to the park. So mom, Levi and I went to the Hollyday Marketplace. OML They had some really cute stuff. Got me a new Alabama shirt and a houndstooth scarf. Which are very hard to come by in Tennessee. We had fun with no annoying kids. LOL Got the kids and headed home. We got there just as Bradley got home from work. I got to sit down for maybe 30 minutes before time to get ready to go to Logan and Wilkins soccer awards ceremony at YMCA. Which was a nightmare. After they got their medals they wanted to play in the jumpy things and slides. The only problem there was about 100 other snot nose little brats running around. Why do people not watch there kids anymore. They just let them run like hulligans or in some cases they watch them but they don't care what they are doing. UH Left there and we all went to eat Red Lobster with mom, dad, Aunt B and Wilkins. We had a good time. I can not remember the last time we all went out to eat like that. Then Sunday was church all day of course. It was a good busy weekend. I had told Bradley last week that I was so excited about the upcoming weekend because we had nothing to do. LOL Then about Thursday he tells me he has to work all day. Then I find out about the soccer stuff. UH maybe one weekend we can just be lazy.

On another note. Levi has not been doing good again. He has been spitting up so much here lately. I mean I am going thru at least 10 bibs in one church service. It has been awful! But yesterday morning at church it just came to me so strong to have him prayed for. So I did. He has been doing so much better. He never spit up all thru church. Mom even gave him a whole bottle and he never spit it up. He spit up one time yesterday. Last night he spit up a couple times but nothing like it was and he has been doing so good today! So thank you LORD!!! He knows right where we are at!!

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