Monday, November 21, 2011

What else?

It all started Wednesday evening. I have been feeling yucky all week like I am getting a cold. Well Wednesday Lucas started vomiting. So he didn't go to school Thursday. I blame it on the Thanksgiving lunch we ate school that. It was nasty!! Anyway so Thursday he was better. So Friday I wake up and hear something at the freezer. When I open the door water is running everywhere .Yes my refrigerator had went out. We were having Thanksgiving at mom's house Saturday. I had just bought everything I needed except the Turkey so I was not very happy!! For some reason unknown to me I have become the turkey lady. I have to say Tom was very pretty this year I almost took a picture. LOL.. So Saturday I decided I was going to call the appliance repair man and give them a shot before going to buy a new one right before Christmas. Thankfully it was just the relay switch it only took about 20 minutes and $100. I can so deal with that. Saturday was a pretty good day we stayed at moms until about 8:30 came home and the kids crashed. Sunday me and the kids got up and went to eat breakfast with mom dad Leanne Michael and kids. (Bradley was the good one he actually went to church) I felt horrible. if it were up to me I would have stayed home all together. I was miserable. So I ended up staying home Sunday night also. Because I couldn't hardly hold my head up. After church Bradley brought me a Taco Bell. After I ate I started feeling better.

Then today me Logan and Levi went to Publix and Hancock's. Then we stopped by Burger King on the way home. I get home make them lay down for a nap. Everything was good. I was putting up my groceries and cleaning. Logan wakes up about a hour later and I lays in the middle of the floor. I am thinking ok what is wrong. Logan doesn't sit or lay still unless he is asleep. Then it started. Vomiting everywhere. Yes the bug is still alive at my house. Not to mention I still feel crummy. Oh well on a good night Bradley and I got new cell phones. I have had my blackberry for 2 years. In cell phone age that is like a dinosaur. lol.. Anyway. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! We will be leaving Wednesday for Atlanta. So I have a ton to do this week. Until next time...

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