Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roll Tide

Thank the good Lord Alabama won the BIG game last night. I never really liked football until I married Bradley. He is a HUGE Alabama fan. So thank you lord for letting them win. You do not want to see what he is like when they lose. It aint pretty! LOL Anyway we ordered Pizza I fixed some brownies and popcorn. Was a nice relaxing night hanging out with the family. Lucas and Logan fell asleep before half time. So it was just me and Bradley most of the game. Ill say it one more time Roll tide!!!

Now for a weekend recap. We went to the smokies with all the Middlebrooks. It was so much fun. Just as I predicted not a lot of sleeping going on but we laughed and ate the whole weekend. i wasn't the last one there this year so I got a nice quiet room on the lower level where there were no pool or air hockey tables. Which means no kids. Saturday we went ice skating and walked around gatlinburg just long enough to get a carmel apple and a fannie farkel corn dog. Got back to the cabin just in time to eat dinner and open presents. We looked at old pictures on the big tv. Which was awful! I can not believe how fat I am and how little I used to be. yuck!! Got up Sunday morning checked out of cabin and headed out to eat breakfast with everyone. Then mom, brandy, Leanne and I ran by the Disney store. I scored some cute shirts for our trip. Did I mention we are going to Disney in less than 7 weeks!! Sorry that is all I will be blogging about until then. I am so excited!

All in all it was great weekend with the family and now I am about to leave to go join Weight Watchers again! Mom brandy and I are going. I want to lose 20 pounds before Disney. We will see oh well everyone have a great week!

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