Monday, January 23, 2012

Wonderful Weekend!

We have had a busy wonderful weekend! We had Bro Frank and Sis Nelda down for the weekend. There was a few families that came down from the North with him but more of the visitors were from the South. So to say the least we had a crowd. Brian was saying he didn't think there would be that many visitors. Bradley was like "oh yea Bro Frank is like a Holiness rock star". LOL He is a dork. It was so good all weekend. I could sit and listen to Bro Frank all day. I feel like he just fed our church. Oh well I enjoyed seeing everyone this weekend. I am so tired today I can't hardly see straight. Levi has a cold. So he is coughing sneezing and a runny nose. Yuck!! Nana went home from church yesterday with a stomach virus. So I am just hoping we don't get that.

Well on another note I am hoping I didn't totally ruin my diet this weekend. For those of you who don't know have dinner Saturday night and Sunday on 4th weekend. Plus this weekend they ordered Pizza and krispy Kreme donuts for after church last night. That is like horrible for people on weight watchers. Oh well I had one piece of pizza and it was supreme. I am thinking it cant be too bad since it was mostly vegetables. Like a salad right!? Oh well Bradley said for me to just keep telling myself that. And I was very proud of myself I did not eat a donut. So I did pretty good last night. The other two times I can't say I did. Tabitha was out to sabotage my diet and made my favorite chocolate pie and her homemade cinnamon rolls. I can not resist.LOL Oh well I am going to have to walk like 10 miles today and tomorrow but right now I got to start doing some laundry. My house looks like it exploded!! Hope everyone stayed safe in the storm last night!! Happy Monday!

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