Friday, January 13, 2012


Well mom Brandy and I started weight watchers Tuesday night. Things are going pretty good so far. The first day is always the worst to me. It is all in my head!! I know I keep thinking I want to eat somethings. So they have seriously changed the weight watchers program. All fruits and vegetables are zero points. Which is a great thing because I love fruits and veggies. So when i want something to munch on I can grab a banana or apple or orange. So we will see if we have lost any weight. I just have to start excercising. I want a new video I just can't do any thing that is too intense. My blood pressure goes crazy.

Other than that life is pretty much normal. We were are in full getting ready for Disney mode. Getting kids clothes made and bought. We leave in 6 weeks and I can not wait. I finished making all of our dining reservations yesterday. We are eating at different places than we usually do. Except Chef Mickey's and the only reason I am doing that is for Levi's Birthday. I think I am more excited about getting his first Haircut on Main Street in MK. I really would take him right now to get it cut as you can see from the picture he needs it cut like yesterday. OH well everyone have a wonderful weekend. This is the first weekend since before Thanksgiving we haven't had something to do. Hopefully we can make some progress on my gutted bathroom.

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. We love going to Disney World Madison has been every year since she was 3 years old! Our favortie places to dine is, Ohana's @ the polynesian, and to me the best place ever is California grill @ the Contemporary, little pricey but worth it! get the last dinning reservation they have. When the fireworks start you step out on there balcony and there is the castle is right in front of you! best view in the whole park! also they have speakers wired to the balcony so everything that is playing on Main street U.S.A you can hear up there. AWESOME you have got to try it at least once!!