Monday, July 19, 2010

Another busy weekend!

Bradley worked some crazy hours last week so Friday he got home at like 10am. (He had to be there at 4am.) He was so tired so he ate a little bit then straight to bed around 11. After I got Logan to lay down around 1. I crawled in bed. I am so sleepy all the time. I couldn't hardly keep my eyes open. We slept until about 3. Then when we got up we felt like junk! He was still really out of it so I took the boys and we went and ate at Long Horn with mom dad Brandy and Wilkins. It was good as usual. Then we all ran in Michael's then to moms. We have started on fall clothes and they are so cute.

So Saturday mom LeAnne and I worked. So Bradley had the boys all day and of course you can not walk thru my house. LOL. As soon as I got home I ran to Marshall's and Belks then to moms to sew again. Lucas was with me and decided he wanted to stay with dad. Bradley met his mom and dad with Logan. Well Logan decided to stay with Papaw. As usual!

Sunday Bradley and I headed to Hytop. Revival started and it was really good. They had a good crowd but it wasn't too bad. I got a seat. We stayed for the singing then went to my aunt and uncles house to visit. Then back to church last night. Last night was awesome. Jasmine Gaught received the HG at 6:05 sitting in her chair. It was awesome. I have never seen anything like it! Us Smyrna people were beside our self. So mom Leanne and I are heading back tonight.

Hope everyone has a good week!

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