Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Late 4th of july

Logan in my knee highs!! LOL He is so crazy!

Lucas asleep in his new pool toys! Yes they are spiderman flippers and fins!

Waiting on the fireworks to start!

Scaring me with sparklers!

My boys!! Logan looks like he is on drugs!! LOL

Popsicles!!! YAY

Logan drinking like his hundredth juice.! He is the thirstiest child ever!! LOL

Miss thang relaxin!!

We had a great 4th of July weekend. Saturday mom, LeAnne, Lucas and I all went couponing and that took most of the day. Sunday we got up and I took the boys to moms to go swimming then mom LeAnne and I went to work. I know that sounds like fun right! That night we met Patty and Billmon in Murfreesboro for our annual 4th of July get together. Sat around talked ate some grilled hot dogs. The kids ran and played. We decided we wanted Popsicles so Bradley and Billmon ran over to Kroger and grabbed some. We just relaxed the kids did sparklers. Which I have to say made me totally nervous the whole time. My wild kids were just chasing me with them. It was fun! Then the fireworks started. I tell you Murfreesboro fireworks this year was awesome. They lasted forever and they were huge. It was really fun. My kids loved them!!! And we did too. Then of course it took us like a hour to get out of there. It was worth it!!

Then Monday...We all slept until like 9 got up at some breakfast. Then we headed to Nana and Papaws to go swimming. It was just me Bradley Lucas and Logan. It was so nice and relaxing. Edna had to work and Carter had went to Alabama. It was really alot of fun! The kids had fun and so did Bradley and I. We don't get to do that much just us four. Lucas loves the pool. He swims under water more than he does above water. And until last week Logan would scream even getting near it. But he loves it now. He just lays in his float. So I guess that is about it. We are still trying to recover from revival we are so tired! I am trying to go to Higdon this week. I was actually going to go this morning but we just didn't make. Now I am shooting for Thurday night! Have a good Wednesday!


  1. That Patty and Billmon are a hoot...When I was growing up at Skyline Billmon would pester the mess out of me...they were always fun to be around

  2. Yea we love them! We are closer to them than anybody else in my dads family!