Saturday, July 3, 2010


It is over and it's kind of sad! Revival that is. Friday of revival always seems kind of sad. You kind of get attached to who ever is running it and it is over. We enjoyed the week so much. It always fun seeing old friends and just the blessings that are given. We literally did not have one dud of a service. They were all really good! A girl from Griffin got it Tuesday night which was so good. I have never saw anyone do like her. She started laughing and couldn't even stand up. She was so HAPPY! And then there was Logan Coffey. He put it off all week and played hard to get. But when he finally made up his mind Friday night it was so wonderful!! He just smiles and that is big for him. He was such a sour puss before! LOL... Oh in case you don't know that is our preachers son. So our church is over joyed! I honestly love revival. It is a lot of work and my kids are miserable tired but I just love it. I am so tired I can not hardly stand myself and I will probably be doing laundry for the rest of my life. But it was so worth it. I am only hoping we don't end revival like we started it. With a death! We have so many that are just barely hanging in there. They are pitiful! Oh well I just wanted to say hey and tell everyone how well our revival went.

Oh and the funk that I was in is gone! Thank you lord. He wonderfully blessed me Thursday and gave me a NEW mind! Thank you Lord!!


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