Monday, July 12, 2010

Busy weekend...

They were pooped!
Eating Watermelo! Thanks uncle Chris!

More watermelon!

Enjoying his watermelon too!

Bradley after his big hike! LOL

Sneaking another chip!!

The hills are alive with the Sound of Music! LOL You had to be there!

Think he had enough butter!

Look Corn!! He loved it

Logan blowing bubbles! Look at those plunger lips!

The Redneck swimming pool! You should have saw the 10 kids in that rubermaid tub before they decided to go buy the little pool!! LOL

Grandaddy talking to his brothers!

LeAnne, Tyree, Scott and Aunt Lora shredding the barbecue!

Well we had a pretty exciting weekend! If you read my blog from Friday you saw we had some big news. So Friday night was pretty much spent on the phone and I had a house full of little boys. Saturday I had to get up at like 6 am to run take the boys back to Nana's and go pick up the cake before we had to leave at 8am to go to Granddaddy's birthday party at Cloudland Canyon Park on Lookout Mountain. We had him a surprise 75th birthday party. So of course we were like 15 minutes late because we didn't leave until 8:30 and then we had to stop and get breakfast. We are never on time it seems like. I can't even imagine what it is going to be like after the new baby gets here. We probably wont make it anywhere. LOL.

We had a good time Saturday! Bradley and Michael took Lucas, Bryson and Will down in the canyon. They saw a snake and that was the highlight of Lucas' day. Then when they got back Bradley Michael and Scott decided they wanted to try out Frisbee Golf. So they all went and bought Frisbee's and apparently none of them were very good at it. LOL. They had fun and we just sat around and laughed and talked all day. We got to see some family we usually don't see unless someone dies. Got to see some old family friends. It was just a good day.

Then Sunday we got up went to church, then to Cracker Barrel with Bradley's dad and nephews. After that we had a baptising to attend. By the time we got home it was already 4:15. I was going to lay down for 15 minutes and rest cause I was so tired. Bradley decided he would call and check on his dad. He hasn't been doing good at all this weekend. Well his nephew Noah wanted to go to church and Papaw wasn't going so he offered to go get him for church. So I had to get up and leave 30 minutes earlier than normal so there went my 15 minute nap. I didn't mind to go get him it was the taking him home after church that I wasn't fond of. I knew what would happen. We would go in sit down Nana would want to fix us something to eat. We would sit around for a little bit and before you know it. It would be 10:00. And that is just what happened. LOL! After we finally got home we sat on the couch and I clipped coupons while Bradley Lucas and Logan played their guitars and drums while they sang. I was so tired as soon as m head hit the pillow I was out.

Now next weekend is the start of Hytop's revival and Brother Pat is helping in it. So we will be there next weekend and probably most of the week. So I am going to get up and get my house put back together then maybe run to the grocery store in a little bit.

Hope everyone has a GREAT Week!!

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  1. Haley sounds like you've been very busy. I would like to have come to Herbert's party Saturday but I just didn't have it in me. I was worn out after revival. Then also I got the usual sinus junk after revival, it seems to be pretty common for me to get this junk pretty much every year by the end of revival. Looks like the party went well pics are cute.