Thursday, July 29, 2010

OK so here it goes. After reading Drea's blog I decided I would bore yall to death!! Although her blog is always funny.

What experience has shaped you most and why? The day I rec'd the holighost for sure was a big one. But also the day Lucas was born made me a whole different person. It changed the way I thought and all my opinions. LOL

If you had a whole day with no commitments, what would you do? I would sleep until about 10 get up go eat some breakfast, the shop for a little while alone!! Then go get some lunch then maybe go home take a nap get all snazzed up and go out for a big dinner with all my friends and family and laugh and talk about old times!

What food or drink could you never give up? Chicken Salad Sandwich and Diet DP

If you could travel anywhere, where would it be and why? Hawaii or Paris

Who do you have a crush on? Bradley...I know you are probably gagging right now!! LOL

If you were leader of your country, what would you do? I have no clue!! To much I don't even know where to start! But of course I think our leaders feel the same way!

Give me one savory recipe that doesn't include cheese? This is a hard one because if it doesn't have cheese on it we usually add it but I would have to say Meatloaf I love love love it!

If you could spend the day in someone elses body, who would it be? Anybody that is smaller than a size 10 would be nice! I would love to have to carry all this around one day!! LOL

What did you think you were going to be when you grew up? A teacher!!!! Sometimes I still think I might want to do that when all my kids get in school!

Which woman writer, living or dead, do you admire the most? I don't know about admire but I like Nora Roberts books also!

What character trait inspires you most? A Positive person...I can think of someone right now that goes to our church that is always saying something good! I wish I was half as good as she is!

What is your favorite kind of music? Southern Gospel

What is one fact about you that most people who know you wouldn't guess?
I am a little on the backward side if I don't know you even if I do sometime. But I push right over it every time as you all know!

If money were no object, what's one thing that you don't own or can't afford to do that you'd like to have or do?Take a road trip down route 66 for like 2 weeks with my family.

So there you go not that you all cared!!

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