Thursday, July 15, 2010

What a week!

It has been one more crazy week! It started out good. I have been taking the kids swimming. Bradley even went with us a couple times. It started Tuesday morning on my way to work. First of all I was stuck in traffic and what normally takes me about 20 minutes to get to Nashville ended up taking me a hour and 45 minutes. I was already totally late and it was raining. While I am sitting there in the pouring rain my wiper pops off and I have no windshield wiper. I wasn't very happy. I don't know how or why it just did. So I got out in the rain and popped it back on there. I was pretty stressed by the time I actually got there. After work Bradley and I took the kids to the pool. It was a nice afternoon we stopped and got pizza on the way home.

So Wednesday started off ok. I had Wilkins and things were ok. So when mom and Leanne got off work we headed to the pool again. Sometime while we were there my phone crashed. It comes on I can see everything but none of my buttons work. After we leave there we ran to Longhorn to eat. Because Bradley was working a shut down and wasn't going to be home until about 10 or 11pm. After we leave Longhorn mom wants to run to the bank. As we are pulling away from the drive thru in a very busy parking lot. We get hit by a lady driving way too fast on her cell phone. But technically it was my fault cause she had the right away. There was another van parked by where I was turning and I couldn't see if anything was coming so I eased up so that I could see and WAM! She plowed right into me! If I hadn't have honked my horn she would have never saw me and it would have been a lot worse. She at least tried to slow down for a second. So my car is messed up mom and I are trying to pull the bumper off my car cause it is barely hanging on. And mom gashed her arm open. Mom had to drive home cause I was nervous! I was bad but I feel better today. I am really sore and my back hurts but as far as I know everything else is ok.

Today I had to work again. So after work I ran picked up the kids appliqued a outfit. Took them home gave them baths and fed them some dinner. After that I took off to the fabric store. I know it is still early for yall but we are starting on fall and winter. I am so excited we have tons of new designs and fabrics I will post pictures later!

OH my couponing this week was great! Kroger it rang up 70.91 and I spent 26.89 ( I was really excited) and Publix I spent 53.05 and saved 47.41. Not as good at Publix but I bought all my meet there and I have no coupons for that. I hate to buy meat now. LOL OH well have a nice weekend I guess I will spend mine at Hytop!

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