Monday, September 27, 2010

Dreary Monday

I have to say that it is so dreary outside but I love this cool weather. It's not raining but really cloudy. It just makes me want to lay around all day but all of you that have children understand that is not possible. The boys spent the night with Carter and Edna last night so this morning I got to sleep until 9. It was so nice!! I got up started making my grocery list and going thru my paper and coupons. I was thinking I would run to Kroger and Publix then go get the boys. Well Lucas calls at 10:30 ready for me to come get him. Apparently Carter wasn't feeling very well today. So I took off down there got them and got back home. Now I am sitting here up to my eyeballs in coupons. I think I finally have everything together and all my lists made. I refuse to go with the kids so after Bradley gets home and we eat dinner. I will be off to the grocery store and then to moms to sew the rest of the night. We have so many orders with just no time to get them all done.

This weekend was so busy as a normal 4th weekend is for me. Friday night mom Brandy Leanne and I ran and did a little bit of shopping. Then Saturday was Addy's birthday party at 12 so after that we ran to the store to pick up some things for church that night. It was really good had a few visitors and Bro Shirley was here. I really enjoyed him as usual. Then Sunday we had even more visitors. It was good too! Sunday afternoon mom Leanne and I went to Aunt Veta's to spend time with Kyle, Amy,and Aunt Sheila before they headed home. By Sunday night I wasn't fit to kill. Bradley and I stopped by taco bell and as soon as we go home we went right to bed. We were so tired. He has been working 60 hours a week so he is so pooped. This week Carter has 1 Doctors appointment and Edna has two then our singing is Friday night and it is my time to work it. Then Monday Edna is having surgery. Not to mention all Bradley's family that will be here the weekend for the surgery. Oh well busy busy week ahead. I also really need to go find me something to wear to the singing. The kids already have new outfits. So if I get a chance I am going to try to find us something but who knows if that will happen.
On a exciting note it is two weeks from tomorrow I find out the gender of the baby. I am so excited. I finally had my self expecting a boy but then Saturday night I had a dream it was a girl. So who knows as long as it is healthy is all I really care about. Well my kids have fell asleep so I am going to get up from here and get some cleaning done!

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