Thursday, September 16, 2010

How could I have forgot to blog about this. We have laughed about it so much! The first week of school when the kids told us about praying so much and Lucas said never did never will. Well the next time they went. We asked them again how the day went and if they had to pray again. Addy says " Yea we prayed but only for our Father, they wont let us pray for our mother" LOL You see they say the lords prayer "our Father which art in heaven..." Yea nothing in that prayer is about your mother. They are so crazy!

Also, Lucas braved his first day alone. Addy is in Alabama at her Gran's. So Lucas went all by his self today. The teacher he was going to be kind of sad at first but then when the other boys started getting there he perked up and had a great day. I also got the whole bragging on our kids thing Tuesday. They have two teachers and they think Lucas and Addy are the best kids ever. Which I think they are confused. They have never even got in trouble for talking too much. Which totally blows me away.

So on a fun note. The Cardin reunion starts tomorrow night at Rock Island State Park. We usually have so much fun. We eat play cards talk laugh alot eat alot more. The kids play ride their bicycles all day. We love it. I am kind of sad that Bradley will probably not get to go with me this year. He is working up at Opryland Hotel and they are working like 60 hours a week. So that means 10 hours tomorrow and Saturday. Which I am not complaining because work has been slow and if he is getting to work I am just thanking the good Lord that he still has a job! Oh well I am sure I will have some interesting stories to blog about next week! Have a nice weekend!

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