Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am Thankful TOO!!!

Well I am going to join in on all the Thankfulness!!

-I am thankful for my wonderful husband. He is my best friend. That he has a GREAT job and I do not have to work. I choose to but not for long! I am thankful that the lord saved his soul! You don't know how many prayers where sent up for that! He is so sweet and caring. The best husband, daddy, and friend I could have ever asked for.

-For my 2 healthy little boys that somehow drive me up a tree and still make me more happy that words could ever explain. They are healthy and happy little boys!

-I am thankful that so far I have had a healthy pregnancy. It has not been easy but the baby and I are healthy so far and that is all I ask for!

-I am thankful for my mom and dad. My dad has not always done everything perfect but when I need something ran over to my house here he comes. Or if I need him to pick up my chicken on 4th Sunday he runs to CB to get it and take it to church so I don't have to leave early. And my mom she is like a hero in my eyes. She endured so much thru our childhood. She had to deal with more than even I will ever know but she did it with her head held high. She never ran all over the place telling her problems. She just dealt with them. She worked so many years at night when dad didn't. She brought me up knowing what was right. Still to this day if i need something she will either see that I have it or help me pray that the lord will work it out.

-I am thankful for my sisters... For Brandy we don't always see eye to eye but if I am ever truly in need she is there. We can fight and the next day it is over. If I need someone to talk to and know it will stay between us she is the person I can go to. She would give you everything she has if she likes you..LOL...J/K. If someone is down she jumps on the band wagon and tries to make it better. For LeAnne well LeAnne is very different from me but we can laugh and laugh and have a blast. She can always make me feel better with her stupidity.LOL..We are a creative team I say. I can imagine and she can put it together. She can do anything she puts her mind to. I am so thankful for my sisters they are my best friends

-I am also so thankful for all my family. We are super close. We don't all talk all the time but if something happens we are there and know they have our backs. We can talk about each other but you better NOT!!! LOL

-I am thankful for all my in laws...I can not tell you how strange these people are. The Pritchetts I mean. They put on this rough tough front but really underneath they are softies. They would give you the shirt off their back if they thought you needed it. They have been there for us so many times I can not even tell you. They keep my kids when I have to work. So many times we have been in need and they would leave us money on the table when they left our house. They are the best I could ever asked for!

-I am thankful for my church and my preacher...For how if I am sick they call the next day to see how I am feeling. I can not imagine my life anywhere else..

-I am thankful that I have a nice home with food in the pantry. A nice car to drive. That I have the things I need and some of my wants..

-Last but not least I am thankful for 12 years ago July1st. The day I received salvation. That I can still say 12 years later that I am still on of his.

Thanks everyone for pisting this. Made me think on the good today~~

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