Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome Krypto the Superdog!

We finally got a new puppy! Bradley said it was the boys puppy but he is so in love with this dog.
He even got up like 30 minutes early for work this morning to play with him before he had to leave. Bradley won't even get up early for breakfast..Anyway he is a 8 week old border collie and he is super sweet. Apparently the fattest and the sweetest of the litter. Lucas (and Bradley) named him Krypto the super dog. After some crazy cartoon about Superman's dog. LOL they are such weirdos. Anyway he is super cute and sweet.

We have been debating on getting a new dog for a long time. Bradley really wanted on for the KIDS!! You see we had the best dog ever "Zeke". Bradley got Zeke for his 16th bday. So when we got married and got our house he became our dog. Zeke was a weimeraner and he was super smart. He never ran away. He could open the gate but he always just stayed on the porch. Zeke was 13 and was in bad health. He got to where he wouldn't eat and never wanted to play. Then one Sunday morning we woke up and Zeke was gone. We believe he went away to die. We never saw him again. It was sad but he was old and sick. So we were hesitant to get a new dog because we knew he would have high standards to meet.

The boys love him and I am sure he will be a good a dog. Logan just lays down in the grass and lets the dog lick all over his face. It grosses me out! LOL But they are boys they don't care.

I went to the doctor today and I have lost 2lbs so I was happy about that. I also set up my ultrasound appointment. We find out the gender of the baby October 12th and I can't wait!!! You all know what I am hoping for right!!

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