Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Favorite Time of Year!!

Okay... So I am not the only crazy person that is ready for Christmas! ( Chasity) I spend my year planning for Christmas. I love it. I love the trees and the get together! It is truly the most wonderful time of year! I actually will end up putting up about 10 trees only 3 will be in my house. LeAnne and I decorate trees and most of the time the whole house for other people. We are usually putting up trees from Halloween until Thanksgiving. I like to get them all up before Thanksgiving because our get togethers start first Sunday in December and last until the weekend after New Years. It is craziness! But I love it.

One of my other favorite things this time of year is BLACK FRIDAY shopping!! We usually start at the outlet mall that opens at midnight and hit all the stores there until Target, Wal-Mart,and Kohls open. Mom Leanne Brandy and I stay up all night and have so much fun! Of course if you know us we eat out at least 2 times and end up at Ihop at about 9 o'clock before we go home and go to bed. Last year we got back up at about 3 in the afternoon and Mom Brandy and I went to eat luch then to do some more shopping. LOL! We love to Christmas shop all season long. We load up all the kids usually dress them in some really cute outfits load up the strollers and head off. Of course we usually get nothing accomplished but we have tons of fun! LOL...Oh well now that I went on and on about Christmas...

I really love fall too. This is my 2nd favorite times of the year. I love the cool air, haunted houses, the colors and the pumpkin patch of course. We usually load all our kids up and get some cute pictures.

Well I am off to get my dinner out of the oven and head out to do some running around and meet with Sister Trinda about her Christmas stuff!Have a good rest of the week!

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