Thursday, September 2, 2010

Did I mention...

I have a ton of stuff to do this week! Well the big man upstairs must have just thought that was funny. I have literally either laid in bed flat on my back or sat on the couch all week. I am seriously dying with my back this week. The doctor thinks it is my Siatic nerve ( spelling ?) I am telling you it is driving me insane. I haven't got to work all week. My kids have been driving me banana's this week. Mainly because I am just miserable and they can't do anything by their selves. They literally have to play in what ever room I am in. Oh well Lucas has been a pretty big help to me. He is at the age where he can do everything you know and loves that he can help. But seriously my house needs some love. Bradley has tried to do some stuff. He mopped and waxed my floors dusted and done some laundry. Which his idea of doing laundry is washing drying and throwing on the couch! LOL He tries!! Oh well Logan spent the night with papaw and nana last night and Lucas went to school today. So I am actually alone. I am going to try to lay on the couch and hopefully get this back rested up!

Have a good rest of the week!

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  1. oh to not be pregnant again - it's wonderful ;)