Thursday, May 12, 2011

Fingers and Macaroni!

I am having to fight him to keep from sucking his fingers! He pulls his paci out and out his fingers go in every time I am not looking! LOL I do not want him to suck his fingers but it was so cute when I went in his room and saw him. He was just going to town on them. When mommy wasn't looking.

So today it has just been me, Logan and Levi. Since Levi has been asleep pretty much all day. Me and Logan have been playing. I fixed Mac and Cheese for lunch. He absolutely loves it! He ate 3 bowls of it and then wanted to lick the spatula. He is so crazy. I wish you could here some of the stuff he says. Today we have been counting and he has finally remembered his birthday! He is so smart but such a BABY! He loves to be petted and babied. It used to get on my nerves but now I love it. I guess with Lucas going to school this year it has made me realize they are growing up and I want them to be babies forever. As Bradley keeps reminding me we can't have a new baby as soon as one gets out of the baby stage! LOL

We are also in need of a van in a bad way. I am so tired of looking. I just want to find one that is decent and we can afford. Oh well Lucas had a ballgame last night. I know it is awful we missed church for a ball game. They usually do not schedule games for church nights but one got rained out last week. So that was the only night they could reschedule. I am a firm believer in if you sign your kids up for something it is your responsibility to see that they are there. If Lucas hadn't been there we would of had to forfeit the game because of not enough players. Anyway I pray to the good lord we don't have to reschedule any more games. They actually won last night!! After going into double overtime! Lucas hit the game winning run! He got the game ball again and he was so excited!! It was a very nerve wrecking game. We were tied again for the second inning of OT 2 outs and 2 kids on base and Lucas was up to bat! I was about to scream but he busted the ball pretty good and brought in the winning run!! They are getting so much better! First of the season was kind of rough! LOL Well everyone have a good week!!

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  1. I love the pictures and I understand the aggravation with the sucking of the fingers... but it is sooo adorable!!!