Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Birds in the Grill! Really?!

So today I saw a little bird walk inside my grill. The lid was shut and there is a little notch on either side for smoke to escape. This little bird just walked in like he owned the joint. Then I got to noticing all the straw sticking out of the sides. So when Bradley got home I was telling him. I thought there was maybe a small little nest or the beginnings of one. Since I am totally freaked out by birds I made him open it to see. Boy were we wrong there was a huge nest with two small blue eggs. So we are just going to make it our science experiment. Watch it everyday until they hatch. Then we are going to take back our grill. LOL Here are a few pics I took with my cell phone!

Today the boys and I spent the whole day at Nana and Papaw's house. Edna's two sisters and her one brother came up to see them. Of course they wanted to see the baby. Not me just the kids. So since I have nothing else to do I spent my whole day down there. I had a really awesome lunch and laughed ALOT! They are crazy. Well the boys wanted me to take their picture. Since it was cute I decided to share it!
Lots of Love


  1. that is probably the biggest nest I have ever seen...after the kids are born we cease to exist...Jillian was born on my birthday and I don't even think my family hardly remembers it is my birthday too...oh well guess it comes with the territory

  2. I know Lacey! When I was expecting Logan he was due the day after my bday. The doctor was so excited and was going to schedule my c-section for my bday. I was like uh-NO I have a hard enough time getting my husband to acknowledge my bday! He thought I was awful! LOL Oh well he was 3 weeks early so it didn't matter anyway!