Thursday, May 5, 2011

Crazy Busy Week!

Well the past few days have been crazier than I can even tell you. We spent Monday in Wal-Mart parking lot taking donations. Then Tuesday was spent rounding up everything and hitting some businesses up for donations. Then Tuesday afternoon and night we went thru everything and loaded our U-Haul.

Wednesday at 4 am we got up headed out about 5 I got to Murfreesboro to McDonald's and Bradley calls. He is flipping out because he can't find his keys. Guess who has them...ME.. He was not very happy with me AT ALL! I was in tears. I was tired it was early and I was mad at myself. Mom ran them back home to him. He got to work and his boss thought it was funny. So life goes on.
We had a very adventurous ride to Alabama with me Brandy and LeAnne all in that stupid U-Haul truck and yes I was in the middle. WE got there and got it unloaded. We worked all day rode around taking some water out to the workers. It is pitiful out the. I grew up there and rode down that road every morning to school. I couldn't even recognize it to find my way around. There is nothing there that looks the same.

Then Wednesday night was visitation for Uncle Buddy and Aunt Mott. There family is so pitiful. I can't even imagine how they are feeling. Then today was the funeral. I am glad it is over. It is such a sad situation but you know we find comfort in humor in times like this. And let me tell you if anybody was humorous it was Aunt Mott. She was a HOOT! I have only been in the family for 10 years but every time I have been around her she was acting silly.

Brother Shirley held the funeral today and he was telling the story of when Uncle Buddy asked her to marry him. She said "I might" LOL I can so see her telling him that. Then when she went to buy his wedding band the jeweler told her he had a good deal on one that was returned. Apparently the first lady that bought it her fiancee died before they were married. Then another lady bought it and her fiance died before they were married too. The jeweler said "do you want it?" She said"Yea if it ain't meant to be he'll die!" LOL I thought that was so funny. Anyway they will be greatly missed. The only good thing that came out of this was I got to see a lot of friends and family I haven't seen in a long time.

Well we rolled in the driveway at 5:20 and they ran inside got there ball stuff and out the door. So now I am sitting here in peace and quiet. Levi is enjoying being in his bed for the first time in two days and I catching up on blogs. Have a good weekend!

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