Tuesday, May 17, 2011


OK so I took Levi to the doctor Friday. He weighs 9.6lbs! So while I was excited that he had gained more than a pound. I was really hoping for more like 3 pounds at least but I am thankful anyway. He could have lost a pound! So I am still holding on to what I felt the other night when Bro JB carried him around the altar. I believe the work is done now I am just waiting to see the results! So THANK YOU LORD!!! I have always heard you praise him for what he has done and he'll do more! So one of the ladies at church told me to put a teaspoon of plain yogurt in his bottle. So I tried it and he actually done really good. He hasn't really spit up all day. Mom declares he has gained weight just this weekend. LOL SO I am holding off on picking up the prescription for reflux to see if this helps.

We had a busy weekend again. Bradley and I drove to Huntsville to look at a van Friday afternoon. It was a really good price and the guy said now it has a couple small dents from like the grocery store. It was such a good price we wanted to check it out. This van looked like it had been in a hale storm. We cracked up when we saw it! Then Saturday we drove back to Shelbyville to look at another van. Then Lucas had a ballgame at 4pm. They got slaughtered!! 17-0! These kids looked like they were 12. Rushed home got ready for church. We made it all 3 services this weekend. It was really good. Almost had one make it Sunday night. So they had church again Monday night. She should have made it Monday night too. So we are looking forward to Wednesday night! Not to mention all the work that is going on at the church. We are getting the carpet and tile laid in the kitchen this week. We are supposed to be having graduation parties there Friday night. Plus it is 4th weekend.

Well I got to go to see my Nanny Monday ( Granny Helon's mom) it was her birthday and she turned 93. She had never seen Levi so I took him and left the other 2 with Nana. Aunt Maronica is up from Florida for the week. So we brought her home with us yesterday. Today we have just been hanging around moms house all day visiting. It has been a good day! We have a busy week left to go. Going to Hytop Saturday for Beth's baby shower then we have to rush back for church. You know we cook Saturday night and Sunday morning up here on our regular. Oh well have a good week!!

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