Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Belated Mother's Day!!

Well I will start by saying Happy belated Mothers Day to all you mom's out there. We had another busy weekend. Friday night Lucas had a ballgame. After that we headed to Nana and Papaw's house for some yummy grilled steak. Douglas, April. Lebron and Annie were there. I was extremely tired and in one of those crazy moods I get in every now and then. I kept them all entertained. We laughed until we almost cried several times. Bradley finally said come on Haley I am taking you home before you say something even crazier.

So Saturday we all took Nana to Olive Garden for Mother's Day since we usually go to decoration on Sunday and never really do anything for her. So after hiding the check from papaw so we could all pay for it. He hates for us to pay for a meal! I don't usually mind but since it was a Mothers Day thing we wanted to pay. Bradley and I ran in Kohl's on the way back to their house. We hung around for a while then went home to get showers and got kids in bed.

Sunday we slept in which was the best Mothers Day gift. Even Levi slept until 8:30. I was super excited! The boys gave me one of those recordable cards. It was so sweet of them saying happy mothers day. I requested no presents since we had just bought a new washer and dryer. I am wanting some remodeling and carpet done. So I will cash in later. LOL Although Lucas wanted to go buy me a new dress and Logan wanted to buy me flowers. They were very sweet and we had a good day. We skipped church Sunday morning.SHH don't tell. LOL Mowed the grass and cleaned out the garage finally. It was bad!!! Grilled steak and had salad for dinner. So we got ready and went to church that night. Guess what we got preached on for laying out of church..LOL... Good thing I don't get my feelings hurt..LOL We weren't the only ones so it is all good! I will do better from now on...lol

Anyway Monday we were very lazy and didn't do much but wash clothes. Last night was Kindergarten registration. So Lucas and I ran to the school and did our thing there. Then went down to Nana's and ate a hamburger. So today I am cleaning and hoping to not do very much tonight besides relax and maybe play a little wii. I am addicted to the Wii sports Golf. LOL..I also love the Just Dance 2 game. Me and Bradley play golf after the kids go to bed and sometimes he will dance with me too. Don't tell anyone but he usually beats me and he has no rhythm. He cheats!! That's ok I can beat him at golf!!

Well have a good week!

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