Monday, May 2, 2011


That's all I can say! I just want to start by saying that Levi has been having problems and I really didn't say alot about it. I mean the family knew and if you were ever around him for a while you would know that he throws up all the time. I don't just mean spits up I mean throw up. When I took him for his 6 weeks appointment he hadn't even gained a full pound from birth. So of course we were even more concerned. We changed his formula to some sensitive stuff and it helped but he was still not keeping it down good.So Bradley said a few weeks ago that maybe I should start saying the blessing over his bottle. Now I know that may sound silly to some but I did it. When you are worried about your baby you will do anything. Again he got a little bit better. I was just really wanting him to just be well! Then last night we went to church and Bro Pat got the oil and came back there and anointed him. I was so thankful. Then Bro JB Coffey came to me and said give me my baby. Now he has had a stroke and his right arm is crippled but I didn't even think about him dropping him. I just laid him in his arms. He walked around the altar with him and just about everybody laid hands that baby. Then a younger brother Bro Trevor got up and said he was sorry that it had come to him to carry Levi around and he thought he was too young. So Bro Pat told him he better do what he was supposed to do. So he took him around again. Then the rest laid hands on him. I just feel like everything is going to be ok. I think the work is done and I can't wait to go to the Dr. next week. I was dreading it!

On another note. I know most everyone reads Brandy's facebook or blog. So yall donate to the clothing and toiletries drive. We are going to be super busy the next couple days. Have a good week!


  1. This is sooo wonderful! And I don't think saying the blessing over his bottle is silly at all! I could see Bro. JB in my mind when I read it and it brought a smile to my face! I can't wait to hear how much bigger he is after the next doctor's appointment!

  2. When my Maw was sick abd dying she would make us get down on our knees to ask the Lord to bless the food...this post made me tear up...Bro JB was there the night Peyton got hit by the car and he walked across the church floor and was crippled up then too and laid hands on her and it calmed my nerves right then...It was amazing...She had gotten hit by the car less than an hour before that and I should have still been a nervous wreck...Thank the Lord for his children