Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting back to normal

... I feel like the whole first part of this year has been getting ready for Disney and this wedding. Now that they are over with I am so trying to get back in a normal routine. If anyone knows what that is please fill me in.

I had to work today and nothing really major happened. Mom came to my house to stay with the boys this morning and they were super excited. Mom never comes over to our house to stay with them. Actually mom never comes over here.LOL...I see her everyday but I usually run by her house or see her somewhere. Oh well enough about that.

On a good note Logan is getting better. He didn't eat that much today but what he did eat he didn't loose. So we were happy about that. I am sick of dirty diapers and throw up. Actually yesterday I thought he was better. So he ate spaghetti and had chocolate milk. After dinner I left to run to the store. I am literally 2 minutes away when Bradley calls to tell me that he threw up all over my cream chair. I was not happy. It is stained and now I am going to have recover it. I only paid 25.00 for it on Craigslist. It is just so cute I cant get rid of it.

Well that is enough for today. Have a good week!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. sooooo, this is amanda. whats the latest with weight watchers?

  2. I have been doing bad since we got home from Disney. I am planning on going back Monday night!!