Monday, May 17, 2010

Sick Baby

Ok so I have been terribly busy!! LeAnne and I left Friday morning to go pick up flowers and head out to Griffin church. We worked until 2am. We were so tired and hungry. Ok so 2 am in Trenton is like a ghost town. I mean seriously there were tumble weeds blowing across the roads and J/K The only thing open to eat was Huddle House so we braved it. Actually turned out to be pretty good. Then we got up at 6 am Saturday to finish up the wedding. After working all day at 4pm we decided to hit the road and come back home. Logan was so sick and actually still is. He hasn't kept anything down all week really. So we got home at like 6:15 rushed in got ready and actually got to church by like 10 after. Luckily Bradley can iron for me. LOL.. Anyway we had a birthday dinner after church. So we ate dinner then Logan had a accident and I had to leave early because it was everywhere. Sunday we went to church then to The Catfish House afterwards. Lucas' request.. He loves that place. Then we ran home dropped everybody off then to Publix. I got back home in time to take a 15 minute nap before getting ready for church again. I was so tired and I actually still am.

So today I had Wilkins and my boys. I have been trying to start cleaning and getting ready for revival. Why do we worry ourselves to death over this. I feel like I have to have new everything. Every surface needs to be painted again. I am wanting new bedroom furniture. I have way too much to do in the next month. Oh well right now I feel like my back side is glued to this couch. I do not want to get up. I am afraid I will not get anything else accomplished tonight..Oh well

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  1. Poor baby and poor mommy!!

    BTW - Love the new blog design - especially the header :)