Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Not a creature was stirring...

Well I made it through the day. The kids are in bed and it is super quiet here. Logan finally went to sleep at about 7 and he was out. He kept absolutely nothing down today. He threw up like 8 times and just laid on the couch. Bless his heart! Addy was here today and he wanted to play with her and Lucas outside. He would get up and try. Ten minutes later he would come in crying. He said "Momma I need a band aid" I was like what for. He said "for my belly it hurts" in his cute little baby voice. So I finally just put one across his belly button. It made him happy didn't help him but he was content. As all you moms know whatever makes them happy.

So we didn't have church due to the recent flood damage we had. The men were over there painting and cleaning the carpet. We are supposed to go tomorrow night and scrub the tables and stuff. I miss church!!! I feel like it has been forever since I have been. Since fourth weekend in April I have been 1 time. That was Saturday night. I could have went Sunday morning. It is just so depressing on Mothers Day. People talk about their dead mommas and it just depresses me!! Oh well I wont get to go until Sunday due to the wedding I am doing Saturday night. That is if we do not have a death at our church... Oh Lord let's don't even go there. Well I am going to try to go to bed and pray to the lord I do not get woke up by someone throwing up, pooping, or crying. I am so tired of washing clothes and sheets and towels and blankets.

P.S. Oh yea this afternoon Bradley went straight to the church after work so I ran by Mickey D's then over to the church to take him something to eat. Logan had been drinking sprite and mom gave him a cheese and peanut butter cracker. He threw up all over Lucas in the back seat. I thought Lucas was going to have a come apart. LOL....It was awful but I laughed at Lucas. He is such his fathers son. Then we got home and Logan had a accident out the bottom side and I was changing his underwear. I gave him a bath put some clean PJ's on him. Then I was sitting at the computer and kept smelling something. I finally looked down I had it on my clothes and didn't even know it. LOL That is so what I get for laughing at Lucas...LOL

Good Night have a good rest of the week!!!!


  1. Bless his heart and yours to!! I hope he wakes up feeling better in the morning.

  2. Hope everyone gets better! I despise throw up.