Monday, May 10, 2010

So tired!!

Well I haven't posted in a while. I never even uploaded pictures from Disney. I actually started one day but I only took like close to 700 pictures. It wasn't easy deciding which ones I wanted to use. We had a great time but last week was a rough one. I am so ready to go back already. Anyway this weekend was kind of a bad one for me. Friday night Bradley the boys and myself went to the hospital to see a good friend of ours who is not doing very well. Then Saturday Bradley worked over at the church cause it is a little damp still. I ran him some lunch over there and then came home and we got ready for church. Sunday was Mother's Day we usually go to Gunter's Mtn for decoration with Bradley's family but Edna had to work so we didn't go. So I grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and took them to the hospital. Then I came home got the boys and we went to mom's to clean out her flower bed for Mother's Day. The kids flew kites, ate hamburgers and hotdogs and then we flagged down the ice cream man. I do not know what happened after that because I immediatly started getting so sleepy and my belly wasn't feeling great either. So we came home about 8 got showers and I laid down. Woke up about 9:45 tossing my cookies. It was so bad. I was up all night throwing up and just sick. Not very good Mother's Day for me. So I was off work all day with and the kids were here and I was still sick. Thankfully they were pretty good. Except when I wook up to Logan pouring a bottle of water in the bed with me. LOL. Anyway now I feel like I was hit by a bus and my kids are wild. So I think when Bradley gets out of the shower I am going to lay down and let him tend to these little monsters. Hope everyone has a good week~~

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