Friday, April 29, 2011

Crazy Awful week!

Logan was bored!
Lucas and Toy Story Jordan! LOL
Fake laughing for a song they were singing!
Addy was nervous!
The two Will's
Our storm damage from Wednesday!
We had a mote around the house
It got awfully close to our neighbors house
He was tired!
They both were!
Bradley playing baseball with the boys!
Logan hiding in a mole hole! LOL
Lucas is ready!
Finally caught a picture of him smiling!
He likes being naked! You can't really tell in this picture but he has Logan's dimples.

These pictures uploaded totally backwards and I am to lazy to fix it! Anyway Tuesday was really nice! I finally caught some pictures of him smiling. He has been smiling for a while but usually as soon as I get the camera he starts crying. LOL Tuesday night I mowed the grass while they played baseball. I love to mow! Then the dreaded Wednesday. We had a small flood in our yard but nothing compared to what they had one the other side of town. And for sure nothing close to what Alabama and Georgia is dealing with!

Thursday Lucas had school and I kept Wilkins. After mom got off work we met Brandy to drop of her car to get her tire fixed. So while we waited we ran to Olive Garden! Super Yummy as always!Then last night Lucas and Addy had a little program last night. They sang a few songs then had a little open house in their room. Of course the teachers love Lucas and Addy. They think we have the best kids! Just wait until Logan and Wilkins in a couple years! Anyway after we left Bradley and I ran to Arby's because he was hungry! I have had some allergy problems this week but can't be sick today. I have my three boys plus Addy and Wilkins! Pray for me!

So I am finally getting a new washer and dryer this weekend. I have had mine for 10 years! We got it for a wedding present. It has done its time. The week before our Anniversary the dryer went kerplunk! I have been washing my clothes and hanging them to dry or taking them to moms or LeAnne's to dry. We have not had time to go get them. So this weekend we are cleaning out the laundry room and putting a fresh coat of pain on the walls! Then they will deliver my new set on Monday! I am so excited. I am also wanting my lovely husband to lay me some new flooring in there too. We will see if we have time!

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