Saturday, October 29, 2011

Just Pictures

Gutting the pumpkin
Bradley doing the carving
Lucas and Logan coloring while Daddy carves pumpkin
LOL. Bradley trying to talk while needing to spit. He is going to kill me!
Finished product
Scary pumpkin. Bradley did pretty good not to trace it. He just drew it on pumpkin then carved it out. He is talented! LOL
Lucas at his Harvest Hoedown at school
Ready for Halloween Party at church.
LOL I love this! He was a big hit last night
Wilkins the good witch! She wanted everyone to know she was a NICE witch
The kids before we left
Logan on Hayride
His face is retarded
Levi at church. He was tired of being held
Carleigh the cutest strawberry
Hobo with all his candy

Jordan and Logan! LOL
Mickey Mouse. He was hilarious in the car seat. He couldn't even move!!lol

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