Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Logan Monster!

Today is my Logan Monsters birthday. He is 4 years old! I can not believe it. Time goes by way too fast. He is defiantly the clown of the group. He is always making us laugh. He wanted to go to the circus. So there was this little circus in Murfreesboro. It was in like this gym at the National Guard Armory. I saw it thinking it was just going to be a little rinky dink thing. They actually had quiet a bit of stuff. The kids got to ride the elephant which is all Logan wanted to do. It was pretty good considering it was so small. The only thing I do not recommend is going to a small confined area with Elephants. They smell horrible!!!! I thought I would throw up it was disgusting. LOL Bradley was freaking out because it smelt so bad. Oh well the kids had fun. After the circus we went to this Mongolian Stir fry restaurant that every one has been telling us to try. It was really good. Oh well Logan is wound up today and he may not make it to his 5th birthday!!LOL

It was really loud!
He really like the animals. He did have a really cute longall with a big Zebra
but he threw up on it atleast 5 times!
Riding the elephant! Gross
Watching the girls hang from ropes!
Cotton candy
Birthday boy!
Ready for the show to start!

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