Monday, October 17, 2011

Wedding, Soccer and a Smashed finger!!

We had a very busy weekend as usual. It started Thursday evening. I had to go to Nashville to pick flowers for a wedding I had to do for Friday. So I stayed up late Thursday night finished the bouquets and corsages. Friday I met Sis Trinda early she delivered my flowers Friday in Alabama. Thank the good Lord she was going to Andreas. Saved me a trip with 3 kids. After I met her me Logan Levi and Wilkins went to Cracker barrel for breakfast. People were looking at me like I was crazy. I am like I am just eating breakfast with 3 kids. Then Friday we had a shower to go to. Bradley took the boys to soccer practice and to Burger King. So that was nice I just had Levi and it was kind of peaceful. LOL

I am about done with Soccer too. He has a game every Saturday morning at 9:45. So we went to that. He made another goal this week. He would be really good if he could just stay on task. He loses his train of thought. I haven't found anything that holds hist attention longer than 10 minutes. Oh well they are really cute and he has fun. After the game we ran to Bojangles for some breakfast. Then home. I was all on a role cleaning doing laundry all that good stuff. Bradley had been outside trimming the hedges and he had just left for the dump when I was walking in the back door. I slammed it on my finger and then before I knew it I yanked it out. I couldn't even look at it. Lucas finally called Bradley and had him come home. I about passed out in the muddle of my kitchen. I honestly thought I had left the end of my finger in the door. I haven't hurt that bad in a long time. It smashed it really bad. Like the meat was coming out of my finger. I would post a picture but you don't want to see it I promise. Lucas was so upset before Bradley got back. He was going momma what do you want me to do for you. I said Lucas just pray for me. He said I don't know how to pray. I was like yes you do. So he goes to get down in front of me. Then he jumps and says I know I will go to the closet! They go running to the closet and a few minutes later he comes out with big tears running down his face. It was so sweet!! Anyway Bradley got me all bandaged up and I hurt all night. We made it to church only because we had a birthday party for Bro Cledis and it was our turn to clean. Sunday we went to church all day as usual. It was a good weekend. Except for my finger of course. Other than that it was good.

Tonight Lucas has basketball skill assessments. I don't know why he has no skills yet. That's why we are letting him play. Oh well have a good week are some pictures of our weekend!!

Logan's team in the huddle!
Levi sporting overalls for the first time at Logan's soccer game
Lucas and Levi
Below: Logan about to make a goal!

After his goal!!

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  1. You sound like me. I just pray I never get really hurt around Ava because I am afraid I will pass out and she will not know what to do. :) Glad you are ok.