Friday, October 21, 2011

I can not believe...

That the first 9 weeks of school is over and we have already gotten report cards. Of course Lucas did great. We had parent teacher conferences yesterday. The teacher was showing me some of Lucas' work. I was cracking up kids are so funny. She was telling me how good he does but that he colors and draws better than she does. LOL I was so proud of him but it made me kind of sad. I couldn't help me think of Papaw. He taught Lucas to stay in the lines and color slow. They would sit at the table and color all day. So sweet! I am glad Lucas has that talent and he can always remember Papaw by that. Anyway I love his teacher. She is so sweet!! We got really lucky!

On another note Logan is actually growing up. I thought there for a while he was going to be a baby forever. Which I wouldn't normally complain about but you want them to a little. He says the funniest things. Yesterday morning he come got in bed with me really early and he was wanting me to get up. I was like just a little bit longer Logan. He said " Momma every time you don't get up it breaks my heart!" LOL I started laughing and got up of course. Then he says"Momma when you get up it stops breaking" LOL He says the funniest things. He is definitely like my side of the family. Last night we were in the van and there was a nasty smell. Logan says "Daddy I smell something. Is that your poop deck that stinks??" LOL Can you tell my child likes Spongebob?? LOL He is so funny.

And poor little Levi has a bigger attitude and temper than his little body should allow. He has started screaming shaking his head "no no no" (thank you mammy for teaching him that) and kicking his feet. He looks like a little possessed baby. lol

Oh well that is all for now. Have a great weekend! We have another busy one ahead of us. We are going on the Ghost tours at Sam Davis home tonight, Soccer in the morning, Pumpkin patch, and not to mention it is 4th weekend. It is going to be busy!!

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