Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cheesecake Factory! YUMMO

Well yesterday was our 10 year anniversary. I can not believe it has been that long. So we decided against doing what we always said we were going to do for our 10 year anniversary due to the 6 week old baby we have. We always said we would go to Washington DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival. Bradley has never been to DC and it is beautiful this time of year. Oh well maybe our 15 year anniversary. We actually decided not to buy any gifts just cards and go out somewhere alone. Which we almost never do. So last night after running all over the country I got home at 7pm got ready and made it to Nashville and sat down to eat by 8:00. I was amazed even with the crazy long line. It was so good as Cheesecake Factory always is. I went for the good ole Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake and Bradley had White Chocolate Blueberry. It was really nice made it back to Jasmines to get Levi at 10:00. It was really short but actually a lot of fun. Bradley and I laughed pretty much all night. People dress so stupid. CF is up in Hillsboro which is very trendy neighborhood. It's over by Vanderbilt and Bellmont so there are a lot of college kids but it is also where a lot of the country music people live and work. I guess it is the guys that look so retarded. LOL Anyway you had to be there I guess.

On another note my kids never want to come home. I talked to Logan yesterday and his first words were. "Hi Mommy...I don't want to come home I am going to live with Mammie" I was like Logan Mammie does not live at Disney World. He didn't seem to care. LOL They are having such a good time and I miss them so bad. I keep seeing Brandy's pictures and I want to be there so bad. I do have to admit it was so nice this morning with no kids jumping in bed with us at 7am. Levi slept until 6am I gave him a bottle then right back to sleep until 8:30. It was really nice. He likes his new bed. He has been sleeping in our room in the bassinet but Thursday night he went to his bed and did really good. I am so glad.

Anyway yall have a good weekend. Oh yea Bradley did so good on his card this year. He usually buys me the funny card and writes something in it. Which is exactly what he did this year. We will never get away from the funny cards but what he wrote was so sweet I had to share it...
" 10 years, 3 kids, Countless arguments and hundreds of memories later and I Love you more now than ever! Love ya Babe and always will.." He usually write like a whole book but I thought it was so simple and so sweet. I cried of course..LOL Anyway yall have a good weekend!!

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  1. Ooh that was a sweet message in the card! Glad ya'll had a good Anniversary!!!! And can you blame the kids, if I was at Disney I would never want to come back home either!!! LOL!