Thursday, April 14, 2011

Older Pictures

I was looking through some old pictures for this photo challenge thing. I had to post these they all made me laugh. These kids are crazy.
Will not sure what he is doing!! LOL
This picture makes me laugh because I was on this ride with them. LeAnne had her hood on because she didn't want to mess her fro up because she just washed it and you know she only does that once a week. LOL And poor little Addy was flipping out because she didn't want to get wet. Well you know they both got soaked and Addy cried and cried. She is so LeAnne's child!
Logan with LeAnne's witch wig on. Jumping around like he is a rock star! LOL It is kind of creepy really!
And of course my Grandaddy with Granny's hair piece on his bald head! He looks like the old man from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. LOL

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