Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My kids are finally home! I know I am crazy all you other mothers would probably love a week kid free. I have to admit it was pretty nice some days running in and out of stores kid free. But I really missed them. Poor little Lucas was acting so quiet when he got here and I kept asking him what was wrong after three times he started crying and said "I missed you mommy" LOL So I started crying too. LOL He is such a mommas boy. Logan is just Logan I think he doesnt ever really care who he is with. He is just happy all the time. LOL They said they had a lot of fun so I am happy for that but really happy they are home. Oh well my week of freedom is over now time back to reality.

I am so pooped. I pulled all my furniture except my bed out of my room and cleaned today. I am sure I will regret it tomorrow. Right now it is so nice and so clean. OH well good night!


  1. Oh, I know you are glad they are back and I'm sure the week off was nice, but I know what you mean! Poor little Lucas... that's a long time to be away from Mommy!

  2. Girl, I hate when my girls are gone from me...They have never stayed away longer than 2 nights...so I understand you being ready for them to be home