Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Nothing Really!

Nothing going on today! Went to Lucas' ballgame Monday night. They got killed of course. Bradley kept the book so he couldn't tell me to be quiet when I am hollering at the kids. LOL Lucas had a big cheering section (me and the boys Uncle Lebron, Mammie Aunt B and Wilkins) After the Massacre me and Lebron decided we were coaching next year. I am tired of these coaches that don't want to hurt their feelings! LOL They haven't won a game yet. Luckily Lucas doesn't really know if they do or not.

Michael, Portia and their kids are here for a few days. So we went down to Nana's last night and hung out with them. We cooked shrimp and crab legs Lebron brought up from Savannah. Apparently me and Lebron are the only ones that eat crab legs. Oh well we had a lot of laughs while we were eating. LOL

Well on another note. I have had Logan and Levi's Easter clothes for like 2 months which is like unheard of for me. I am usually shopping on Saturday before. I thought I was in good shape. I got them out to look at them and decided I didn't like Logans on him. I know I have lost it. So I am going to see if I can find something I like better if not I am just going to deal with it! The Easter Bunny hasn't been shopping at all either. I have a lot to do I just don't want to do anything today. It is so nasty outside! Well I have rambled enough for the day. Have a good one!!!


  1. LOL! I can see you and Lebron trying to coach the team!!! And it is sooo nasty outside today. I recommend just going back to bed under the covers! :) Easter Bunny can do his shopping tomorrow!

  2. Our Easter Bunny isn't finished yet either and hasn't even begun to pick out Easter outfits. I'm so undecided this year what I want to do. Well good luck shopping!

  3. I think I will wait until tomorrow while Lucas is in school!! And Jenny me and Lebron would probably get beat up by some of the moms! LOL

  4. I cant read it!! YOu need a darker blue! lol