Thursday, April 7, 2011

Practically Kid Free

I am back. I have been pretty busy lately but now that mom and Brandy stole my kids to go to Disney World without me I have plenty of time. I remember when Lucas was born I thought how busy I was. I thought it took all the time in the world just to tend to him. Now almost 6 years later I am so surprised how free I feel with just one baby. LOL There are no toys laying around the house, half the laundry , and most importantly he stays where you leave him. I love it I lay him on the couch and walk out of the room and when I come back he is still on the couch and the living looks just like I left it. LOL I am not saying that one kid is not a lot of work. I just mean when you are used to 3 it is a lot different.
I know yall are thinking I am probably jumping for joy that I am practically kid free but I am not. I cried all the way home after I dropped them off Tuesday. Every time they call or I get a picture it makes me tear up. I do miss them terribly but I just keep thinking about how I am missing their faces. We have been to Disney twice and every time they get so excited. Every time they see the characters it is just magical. I know yall think I am corny but it is a Magical place. We are going in October and I do not know if I can wait.

Well tomorrow is my anniversary so I am looking forward to some cheesecake factory. I have a very busy day before I get to enjoy some cheese cake. Levi has a Dr appt with shots then off to Huntsville to meet Lizzy about her wedding then back home to go out with my husband. Oh well have a good day.

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  1. Oh I can't imagine three, but I know you are enjoying some down time. It is amazing how different it is for me to just have one now, and it doesn't even matter which one! I'm sure they are having a blast at Disney World, but I don't see how you do it! I would be squalling 24/7. When Jameson just spends the night with Mom for one night I about die! :) Happy early anniversary!! Oooh.. and eat some red velvet cheesecake for me!!! LOL!