Monday, April 18, 2011

What weekend?

Well I feel like we missed a weekend! It was so busy I don't know where it went. Friday night me and the boys went to Cracker Barrel with mom and Wilkins. Then to the store to grab a few things. Saturday is like a blur really. First thing we all over sleep and didn't get up until 10. We were planning on getting up and going to IHOP for breakfast then to Lucas' ball game at 11:30. But since we didn't get up until 10 and he has to be there at 11 it was out of the question. I jumped up got everybody ready including myself. Of course it took all Bradley could do to get his self ready in 30 minutes. We ran thru Sonic grabbed a bit to eat and straight to the ball field. It was so cold and windy. The kids were freezing. I looked out there one time and Lucas had one hand in his glove and the other in his pants. Yes if you could imagine a child like sized Al Bundy in the outfield. LOL
Anyway after that we went over to the church to clean since it was our turn. YUCK! I hate cleaning!! Especially with 3 kids but I had Bradley to vacuum so that helped. Then to My favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch! Mi Tierra!! I love it! By that time it was almost 4. So I basically went in and started ironing and getting everybody baths for church.

Then you know the whole Sunday routine. Get up breakfast, get everyone ready, church, then home for dinner, get ready and church again. This weekend was nice the boys went home with Carter and Edna so we came home I went to the grocery store Bradley took a nap. I came home Bradley and I had sandwiches since we were to hungry to wait on food to cook. LOL

So today I am sitting here in a very quiet house. My boys spent the night with Nana and Papaw again. Levi is asleep! Why am I not up cleaning or something? I feel like I have been hit by a bus. Oh well I am just rambling on here so I am going to get up and run to the fabric store, go get the boys and come home fix dinner and be back at the ball field at 5 for another game. I have so much to do this week too and get all my Easter stuff together. Not to mention be at the church helping them all week. We are remodeling our basement. We have no carpet no cabinets . It is a mess down there. Of course it is 4th weekend and Easter so we have to be working over there all week. Our cabinets are coming in Wednesday. Oh well it will be nice when it is all done. Have a good week!

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