Monday, April 25, 2011


Logan being Logan !
There were alot of attempts to get a picture of all the kids...
and this the best one!
Lucas acting silly!
still trying

all the grandkids
Our whole family. Dad is back there behind Bradley. They really should have changed places! LOL
Us with Nana and Papaw! And Logan cleaning his nose on his not so cheap solid white sweater vest. UGH
Papaw slipping money in their eggs. LOL
Wilkins aint she beautiful!
Lucas on a mission
They were trying to be patient!
Me and Darrell "Cousins" AKA the KLUMPS
Wilkins hunting eggs
Logan ended up with a ton of eggs. He was grabbing them right out of the front of the other kids. LOL
Love this picture just wished he would have took that big blue paci out.
Ain't it sweet!
Ready to hunt
This is the best one!
This one I was just about to slap Lucas! LOL
Bradley is about to kill Logan in this one!
My boys!
Levi has a sunburn in case you haven't noticed! I don't know how I kept him all covered up must have been wind burn! Terina says it is child abuse! LOL

Very busy weekend! Finished my Easter shopping Friday. Me Lucas and Levi started Friday morning. Shopped until about 1 then went and got mom and Wilkins. Then we ran to Franklin to exchange Logan's outfit. Got back at about 3:30. Bradley wanted to go shopping with me to pick out his on Easter clothes. So we went to Demos for dinner. It was super yummy as usual. Of course we have all three boys. We went in Steinmart and Marshalls. That's all it took he was ready to kill them. We went to Belks. Mom and LeAnne was there he left me with them. He took the Lucas and Logan with him. I didn't get home until about 12:30 am. After we stayed at Kohl's until 11pm we went in Wal-Mart then Brandy and I were hungry so we went to I-Hop. Well when I got home Logan woke up crying saying his mouth and ear was hurting. I will just say I only slept about 3 hours. It was a long night!

Saturday was even crazier. We left at about 9:30am to go help clean up the basement for the weekend. It was a nightmare. Lucas' ballgame started at 11:30 so we ran over there. Watched the game. It was actually really close. They were ahead the whole game until the last inning. They lost 17-16! After the game we took the boys to get a hair cut. Came home played a little more baseball with Lucas. Logan fell asleep in the car. At dinner I ran to belks to exchange Bradley's shirt. Then home got ready for church. Church was good. We came home kids to bed then Easter bunny came. I ironed all our clothes. Got in bed about 12:30 again. Then Sunday was just church all day long it seemed! LOL

We had a good weekend now I am home alone with just Levi and it is really nice! Got another ballgame tonight. Better get up and get busy! I hope everyone had a great Easter!

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  1. Sounds crazy busy! I love love love the pictures, and I want some of those eggs that Pawpaw Carter was slipping money into!!! LOL!!! But your boys looked adorable. I had already seen most of them on Brandy's facebook! LOL!