Thursday, April 15, 2010

can't go back to sleep...

I know why am I blogging so early?! I woke up to fix Bradley's lunch and breakfast. I think I fixed it my sleep. Then as soon as I laid down I couldn't go back to sleep. I laid there thinking did I put any lunch meat on Bradley's sandwich and I am so hungry. Oh well I pretty sure he only got cheese and bread today. LOL So I am up with about a hour before I normally get up. I have to take the kids to Nana and Papaws this morning before I go to work. So I have to leave early anyway.

I am not complaining but our phone at work has been crazy. I work for a mill work company. They make doors windows and all kinds of trim. So as you can imagine when the weather get nice it gets crazy. Also I work with mostly men and I am by far the youngest girl there. Actually there are only 4 other women that work there one of them is my mom and the other 3 are in there 40's. I answer the phone, 8 lines to be exact. Most of which are sales calls. So 8 phone lines ringing, 3 salesman. Somehow it just doesn't work out. Plus the guys are bunch of babies. I tell them all the time if I wanted to deal with this I would have become a kindergarten teacher. They are babies!! Yes they do still love me. If I want to really get under their skin I just tell them "Put on your big girl panties and deal with it"!!! They must like me more than the receptionist before me because one of the salesman threw a stapler at her. LOL.. Yes a stapler!! There is a dent in the filing cabinet behind my chair to prove it. Oh well I am thankful that the company is doing good. I just get tired of the guys whining then I get to come and listen to my kids do the same thing. LOL

I am working with the thought in mind that it is only 13 more days until I leave for Disney. Have I told yall how excited I am? I love Disney and I can not believe it is almost here. I have so much to get together. I just have a few more things to pick up for the kids but Bradley needs shoes and clothes. Shot me now!! I had literally rather be shot as to take him shopping. LOL He hates to make a decision on anything. Oh well enough for this morning I think I will get up and maybe do my walking video before I get ready!! Have a good day!


  1. Hey did you see my reply where we are going to ATL this weekend too???

  2. Yes I saw we will see yall this weekend. I think we are coming to the surprise party tomorrow night then going on down. See yall soon!