Friday, April 16, 2010

Still sewing!

Well we have been super busy. We had a yard sale today at mom's. So I just basically worked on a couple more outfits for the boys. I think they turned out really cute. If I do say so myself. Right now the kids are in bed and I need to be up getting our stuff ready to leave in the morning. Yes we will be heading to the BIG ATL!!! I am so tired from the past couple days plus I just realized that it is almost midnight. OML what am I doing?! Oh yea I am addicted to blogging and keeping up with everyones life! After the yardsale Mom, Brandy, LeAnne, Wilkins, Addy, Lucas and I went to get us some Mexican food then to Target. Lucas is so crazy I wished I would have had a camera. He was so wanting to buy this jacket but it was like 2 sizes to small. He was walking around target with that jacket on and these spiderman crocs that were tied together. He is so silly. Then of course LeAnne had to torture Lucas a little bit. She had a knee high on her head. He was hysterical screaming and crying. She doesn't care! LeAnne loves to scare him. Oh well I am going to bed. We have a busy weekend ahead.

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