Friday, April 9, 2010

Nothing Major

Nothing really exciting happening in our world. Except Bradley get to work again this Saturday!! I am super excited about that. I am also cleaning out for a yard sale we are having next week. I am getting rid of a lot of my clothes. If they are too big I am getting rid of them. I don't want to ever fit in them again!!

Oh and I went to Sam's this morning and they had the walking video with 4 miles. When the kids laid down for their nap I tried it. I am wore out!!! I only made it thru 2 miles. I probably could have forced myself to finish it but it says take it slow do a mile at a time. Plus I don't want to over do it then dread the next time. I think tomorrow I will just take a nice walk around the neighborhood. I do really like to do the video. Also I am not going to get my hopes up but I stepped on my scales this morning and I was excited. I had kind of set myself a little goal this week. I think I might make it....We will see come Monday!!!

Anyway on another note. Our anniversary was yesterday and I was so emotional all day. I don't know why just one of those days I guess. But when I went to get Bradley a card I couldn't even look at the sweet mushy ones like I always get him. I went straight to the funny ones. He always gets me a funny card. Not this year! He not only got me a sweet card (it something about after all these years I still have the biggest crush on you, it was really sweet) but he also wrote like a novel in it. No seriously the whole left side of the card and about fourth the way down the right side. It was so sweet I cried like a baby. After I read it I looked at him and he was crying too. Now those of you that know my husband knows this is a BIG thing for him. This is the same person that bought me a PlayStation game for our 4th anniversary. Yes a PlayStation game!!! Not only did he buy me a game but he called me after he had bought it and was like it is something you would never buy yourself. Ok so if there are any guys reading this. Rule#1 in buying gifts if you look at something and think "She would never buy this". Turn and walk the other way, like maybe towards the JEWELRY counter!! Oh well god love him he has come a long way and this was by far the best thing I ever got for our anniversary.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the spring like weather!!!!

P.S. Less than 3 weeks until we leave for Disney!!! I can't wait!

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